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Getting SimBroadway back in Unlimited (original version required) #0904
Updated: 1/27/02 OS/platforms(s): All Versions: Unlimited

Contributor/author(s): AndromedaRoach

Warning! This article contains information that may alter your copy of SimCity 3000! Proceed with extreme caution!

If you bought the original version of SC3K, but later got Unlimited, you may have noticed that a couple of music tracks are missing, namely, "Concrete Jungle" and "SIM Broadway." The first can be retrieved following the instructions in another article here, but not SIM Broadway, as it is not on the CD. There is a way to get SimBroadway back, though.

As the title says, this only works if you have the original version of SC3K, but if you don't, you probably won't miss the music any way.

First, insert your SC3K Classic CD in your drive. Go to D:\SC3\RES\SOUND\MUSIC (or substitute the letter of your drive for "D") and find a file called 3KG2.XA. This is SIM Broadway. You cannot, of course, transfer it to the SC3KU CD, but you can replace a sound effect file with it. Copy it from the right-click menu and take the CD out. Go to C:\Program Files\Maxis\Apps\Res\Sound\Sfx or wherever you installed SC3KU, then decide what kind of sound you want to replace with the music. I recommend a building, because you can trigger the music anytime you want by placing or querying that building. Go into the folder of your choice and choose a sound that you don't hear much. An excellent choice would be buildings\SPHINX.XA, because it is always available for free. Rename the file you want to replace by adding EDIT or whatever you want to the name, or just delete it, noting what it is named first. Then, paste the SIM Broadway music file into the folder and rename it with the name of the file you just renamed or deleted. Now, whenever you start SC3KU and hear the sound that you replaced, SIM Broadway will play. If you replaced a building sound, you can start the music by placing or querying the building. Of course, it's best if you turn off music in your preferences.

Sure, you could tape the music in SC3K and play it back while playing SC3KU, but it's just not the same. This is also not that hard to do.


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