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Hex editing money cheat #0616
Updated: 11/19/00 OS/platforms(s): Windows only Versions: All

Contributor/author(s): Brett Epps

Those of you who like to cheat, you're reading the correct article. In a few easy steps, you can gain over 16 million dollars for your coffers.

  1. Download and Install UltraEdit32 from www.idmcomp.com
  2. When you start a new city, get 10 loans of 25k so that you have 300,000 (remember to set the level to easy)
  3. Save the city, and minimize SC3K by pressing ALT+TAB
  4. Open UltraEdit, and goto file, open and find your file (do not worry about the trial screen that comes up; it goes away in about 15 seconds)
  5. Now press CTRL+G and in the box type: 0x5020
  6. Press enter
  7. Press CTRL+F and a new box will come up
  8. Type e09304, and click Find Now
  9. Now look at your page, and e0 93 04 will be highlighted.
  10. Change e0 93 04 to ff ff ff (this gives you the money)
  11. Now, to erase your loans, go to the right of e0 93 04, and find 05.
  12. Change 05 to 06.
  13. Save the file and return to SimCity.
  14. You will now have to reload your file by clicking on load city.
  16. Load your city, and if you hexed it correctly, you will see that you have $16,777,215.
  17. Check to make sure that the loans were erased too.

Have fun!

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