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How to add an additional tune to Unlimited #0606
Updated: 1/27/02 OS/platforms(s): All Versions: Unlimited

Contributor/author(s): Rich

Warning! This article contains information that may alter your copy of SimCity 3000! Proceed with extreme caution!

There is a hidden song in SimCity 3000 Unlimited for PC (in addition to the SimCity 2000 theme music) called "Concrete Jungle" that doesn't appear in the "Music Choices" section of the "Preferences" window.

Here's how to add it to the "Music Choices" section:

  1. In the "SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Apps\Res\Sound" subdirectory you will find a file called "AUDIO.INI". Open the file with any text editor (make a backup copy of this file before editing it!) and search for the section "[Music]".
  2. Under the "[Music]" header you will see a line that reads:
    ;0x0a="Concrete Jungle",0,"Music\3kp5m.xa","",0,1,0,1
    Simply change this line to:
    0x13="Concrete Jungle",0,"Music\3kp5m.xa","",0,1,0,1
    and enjoy a new tune in SC3KU!

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