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Earlier SimCity 3000 building designs (that were cut) #0343
Updated: 12/17/00 OS/platforms(s): All Versions: All

Contributor/author(s): MJIA1, Austin Zheng

Yes, you can see some old buildings from the pre-released SimCity 3000. In the artwork changes made throughout the production, some buildings were left in. Where you say? You know that translucent space in the upper-right corner where there is a building screen shot in a petition or advisor message? In two of the messages you can see old designs for structures. The more widely-known one would be in the 'Stimulation Starved Sims Want Museum' article, you can see the old design for the then 'Art-History Museum'. In the other and lesser known one, (if you start in 1900, you might see it) is in the announcement of the invention of buses. The screen shot shows an old (might be 2x2) bus depot-like station.

Other areas to spot earlier designs:

  • If you read the 'Overcrowding of Jails May Lead To Riots/Jails Needed' article, you may have noticed that there is a prison in the background that looks like the Maximum Security Prison Business Deal. Look again! The design looks smaller and has a different design (look carefully). I speculate that this may have been the City Jail design or maybe the design for the Maximum Security Prison.
  • If you look at the 'Crime Wave Sweeps City' article, you may see a robber robbing a person in front of a brown slum building. Even though the slum building might look like the Rock Bottom Terrace, it could possibily be some other design for a slum building. (It is not Arbor Plaza, look carefully.)
  • On the original (non-Unlimited) box of SimCity 3000, there are strange things. On the upper-left part of the flap, you can see Large Parks surrounded by flower gardens. These structures are now only available by using the building plop cheat. There is a strange arcology-like structure (actually now available at SimCity.com as a landmark known as the "SimsVille Test Module", and the University is incomplete. Finally, the fire in the game looks different, and the railroad design in the game is also different (railroads have only one track on the box, and there's a railroad stop end).

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