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SimCity 3000 Trainer ($$ - Windows) #0062
Updated: 9/19/99 OS/platforms(s): Windows only Versions: 1.0 only

Contributor/author(s): Utopia

NOTE: this program does not work on SimCity 3000 programs that have been updated with the Building Architect Tool (BAT) software. See bottom of article for a workaround.

Here's an archive that contains the files needed to add $263 to your coffers (that's a lot of dough! You'll make Bill Gates look like a bum!). Be sure you have a utility that can extract zip files (such as WinZip).


  1. Download the file below.
  2. Extract the contents of the file to the "\Game\" directory that appears in your SimCity 3000 installation directory. Specifically, the trainer needs utopia32.dll and loader.exe to be in this directory.
  3. Load the file "Loader.exe" before playing the game. You can launch the game after the Loader screen comes up (tip: if you're greedy, you can add a shortcut to the loader file from your desktop).
  4. Press the F11 key on your keyboard in any of your cities and shortly, you'll have cash coming out of your ears (you need to take city off pause or the money won't show up).
  5. Note: in some cases, if your city makes more money after using this cheat utility (which maxes out your account), your funds may roll over to negative numbers and you'll be booted from office. All I can say is that's the price you may pay for being so greedy. :-P

Download sc3trainer.zip (14K)

Tip for BAT users (version 1.1): Alex Lee has suggested that you temporarily copy the old 1.0 version of the sc3000.exe file into your Game directory (backing up the 1.1 version of the sc3000.exe file) so that you can use the trainer on your city. You can then restore the 1.1 file back when done cheating. Note that you must still have a copy of the old 1.0 file, and you may have to reinstall the version on your original CD-ROM to get it. SC3000.COM will not provide this file to anyone.

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