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Cheat code sheet #0061
Updated: 6/2/01 OS/platforms(s): Windows and Macintosh Versions: All

Contributor/author(s): Utopia, Wren Weburg, Natalie Gravelle, Maxis

Before you proceed
Please know that these cheats aren't supported by SC3000.COM. Use them at your own risk. If a cheat blows up your computer, or you can't get a cheat to work, all bets are off. Tough cookies.

Also, SC3000.COM does not believe that cheats should be used in place of knowledge. If your city is struggling for money, you should play the game until you learn how to make money. Cheating is a poor substitute for learning the game!

How to enter codes
After loading a city, press

  • For Windows
    Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C
  • For Macintosh
    Cmd + Option + Shift + C
A dialog box pops up in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Enter the code in this box and press Enter. It helps if the simulator isn't paused when you do this.

Code Description / more info
i am weak All buildings, zones, utilities, infrastructure, trees, and water are free.
i love red tape All ordinances become available. Unknown side-effects (not verified): City hall description becomes "Miles and Miles of Red Tape".
call cousin Vinnie After typing this code, you will see a Local Fundraising Event appear in the Meet window. He'll offer you some cash, and if you accept the deal, he'll give you a large wad of cash. You can only use this code once.
zyxwvu Type in this code after rejecting the Local Fundraising deal obtained by typing "call cousin Vinnie". You will be rewarded with the SimCity Castle, which will appear in the Rewards window. The castle will boost land value and increase aura. Plus, it sure beats the mayor's house (provided your ego can fit into it).

For information on what the castle's query stats mean, see Knowledge Tree article #0342.

garbage in, garbage out All garbage buildings become available regardless of year.
power to the masses All power plants become available regardless of year.
water in the desert All water facilities become available regardless of year.
pay tribute to your king All rewards and opportunities become available. However, the GigaMall and casino do not appear to be included.
nerdz rool High tech industry overtakes existing industry
let's make a deal All of your petitioners to whom you have connections to starting making deals with you.
UFO Swarm After entering this cheat, start a UFO disaster. You'll be overwhelmed by more UFOs than you can shake a SimStick at. You may want to call agents Mulder and Scully after using this cheat.
the birds A flock of birds fly over your city.
stop forcing advice Supposedly shuts up the advisors. Not verified.
force Moe to say [insert text here] Makes Moe say whatever you put in the [insert text here] space. You can also use this cheat for Mortimer, Constance, Maria, Randall, Gus, and Karen. Note: I have not actually been able to see the result of this cheat yet (cheat not verified).
force petitioners to say Works similar to above cheat. Not actually verified.
salt on Makes the deep oceanic water in your city turn into salt water (i.e., coasts)
salt off Makes all the water in your city turn into fresh water.
load terrain [path & file] See SimCity 3000 Knowledge Tree article #0057 for the details on this code.
terrain one up Elevates all terrain 1 tile. *Destroys city, use before building!
terrain one down Lowers all terrain 1 tile. *Destroys city, use before building!
terrain ten up Elevates all terrain 10 tiles. *Destroys city, use before building!
terrain ten down Lowers all terrain 10 tiles. *Destroys city, use before building!

Easter eggs
Good for a laugh, if nothing else... watch the news ticker after typing them (except for "the birds" cheat--watch the main city window).
the birds, broccoli, porntipsguzzardo, bat, scurk, llama, easter egg, sim, help, will wright, erts, electronic arts, ticker, money, simcity, simon says, hello, mayor, sc3k, 1234, maxis, moremoney, advisor.

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