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Chester CheaterHey. Over here. It's Chester Cheater, your partner in crime. I run the show here at The Underground. I just want you to know one thing before you dig into my Seedy Knowledge Tree below: nothin' here is supported by this site, ya dig? Proceed at yer own risk, because if your city blows up or somethin' don't work, I'm not responsible for helpin' you out. Got it? Okay, now let's have some fun! By the way, have you seen my cousin Vinnie?

Knowledge Tree Root (2)
Cheats and Easter Eggs (11 articles)
Cheat code sheet  6/02/01
Access all buildings cheat  2/13/99
Build structures before their time  4/17/99
Creating your own terrain  1/31/99
Maxis logo trick  3/21/99
Hear SimCity 2000 theme music in SC3000  9/20/99
Hidden clock  9/19/99
Earlier SimCity 3000 building designs (that were cut)  12/17/00
Inherit other city's money, use new terrain  12/08/99
Laughing in music  3/14/01
How to get money using the plop cheat  10/02/04
Unsupported files, utilities, and routines (10 articles)
SimCity 3000 Trainer ($$ - Windows)  9/19/99
Hex editing money cheat  11/19/00
Export city thumbnail and stats  9/20/99
Make money through tax loophole  3/12/00
The starter town money trick  3/03/02
How to add an additional tune to Unlimited  1/27/02
Listen to Music CDs with SimCity 3000  1/27/02
Change terrain colors  1/27/02
Getting SimBroadway back in Unlimited (original version required)  1/27/02
SimCity 3000 Unlimited Music Conversion  3/22/03

Chester Cheater is The Underground's lead cheat and undocumented feature expert. But some think he's just the alter ego of this site's Webmaster.

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