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Please read this first!
This site, SC3000.COM, is not the official SimCity game site. This is an unaffiliated fan site. If you seek technical support or wish to contact the game's creators, please visit Maxis' simcity3000unlimited.ea.com or check your options at SC3000.COM's Help page. SC3000.COM does not provide technical support for SimCity 3000 or any Maxis games.

Having download problems at this site? See Download help.

For site-related correspondence and other site information, please see the Contact page.

Support options
Select the issue that best matches your needs and try the listed support options in order.

Issue Option(s)
Game information, gameplay tips, strategy, general help
  1. SimCity 3000
    Knowledge Neighborhood
    Maxis' simcity3000unlimited.ea.com website

  2. SimCity 2000
    SC2000 Info & Strategy

  3. Urban Renewal Kit (SCURK)
    SCURK Resource Page

  4. All games
    Discussion Forum
Technical problems with a game
  1. SimCity 3000 Help Page at simcity3000unlimited.ea.com.

  2. EA/Maxis Customer Support Online

  3. All games
    Discussion Forum @ SC3000.COM.
Questions/problems with this Web site
  1. Check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

  2. E-mail webmaster@sc3000.com.

  3. Discussion Forum @ SC3000.COM - post to group "SC3000.COM".
Problems downloading or opening files
  1. See Downloading help.

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