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SC3000.COM and SC4EVER.COM were established by SimCity enthusiast Wren Weburg, who served as the sites' Webmaster from 1997 to mid-2009. As the former Webmaster, I'd like to write a little bit of history about the site for you.

SC3000.COM opened on July 17, 1997 in anticipation of the next great Sim title from Maxis: SimCity 3000. SC3000.COM also serves as the domain for the original SimCity 2000 Resource Page, which was established in the summer of 1995 so that I could distribute my building artwork for the game. The site went through numerous versions, having been revamped on January 1, 1999, and enhanced in February of 2001, to continue its goal of providing top-notch SimCity coverage while Web standards changed rapidly. SC4EVER.COM was later built to cover SimCity 4 around 2003.

In April of 2009, I decided it would be best to turn over the sites to a fellow SimCity enthusiast and Web site operator: Dirk of Simtropolis.com. Simtropolis was chosen to host these sites because Dirk is a very dedicated city builder enthusiast and continues to be active in the city building genre, keeping Simtropolis at the forefront of it in the online and community space.

There were many reasons for this change, the main one being that I've worked for Electronic Arts (EA) since 2001 and that has been my new focus: to help build the Sim family of games and their online presence for the fans. It has been exciting and humbling, given I'm still a fan myself and started out with these very rewarding fansites.

If you would like to get in touch with me or the sites' current webmaster, please see the feedback page.

Did you know that at it's peak...
SC3000.COM's original domain name was to be "sc3k.com"? This domain name was registered by Maxis at the last second, and so "sc3000.com" was settled on.
there were typically in excess of 30,000 messages in the forum database? Older messages were culled.
SC3000.COM received an average of over 4,000 unique visitors per day? Peaks reached 6,000 visitors per day.

In addition, did you know that...
SC3000.COM's original domain name was to be "sc3k.com"? This domain name was registered by Maxis at the last second, and so "sc3000.com" was settled on.

And the winner is...
SC3000.COM has won numerous awards, one of which was the Golden Llama Award:
Best Graphics
Best Layout
Best Forums
Runner-up, Best Links Page
Best Overall Site
Webmaster of the Year: Wren Weburg

Spread the word
SC3000.COMIf you want to help spread the word about SC3000.COM, feel free to use this 1K icon. Simply save the icon to disk, upload it to your Web site, and link it to "http://www.sc3000.com".

Here's some example code you can use...

<A HREF="http://www.sc3000.com"><IMG SRC="gosc3000.gif" WIDTH=114 HEIGHT=41 ALT="SC3000.COM" BORDER="0"></A>

Got questions?
Check out SC3000.COM's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page or contact SC3000.COM.

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