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Introduction to SCURK

SCURK box SCURK, short for the SimCity Urban Renewal Kit, is an add-on to SimCity 2000 that allows you, the major, to personalize SimCity 2000 in ways you never thought possible. SCURK comes as a stand-alone product or bundled with the various CD collections. It is available on Windows 3.1, Windows 95, DOS, and Mac. The features of SCURK let you:

  • Design your own buildings and tiles, or put together pieces of buildings to make new structures. You can even edit the original SimCity 2000 artwork
  • Mix buildings into an unlimited number of custom graphics sets
  • Place any building anywhere you want in your cities, without the need of money or cheats
  • Print your cities out in three sizes, in almost any view you want
If you have further questions about SCURK, see the SCURK FAQ or visit the front page for more. You can even take a look at SCURK graphics created with this software.

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