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SimCity 4 (22 links)
SimCity 3000 (21 links)
Building Architect Tool & SC3URK (7 links)
SimCity 2000 (4 links) | Submit link here
ZealGames - SimCity 2000
Tile sets, cities, updates, cheats, links, a great strategy section and much more to come.
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Sim City 2000 Zone
Upload your SimCity 2000 creations here!
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SimCity 2000 Castle
A healthy dose of information plus a place to submit SimCity 2000 cities.
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SimCity 2000 Center
Cheats, tips and hints, and tricks for SimCity 2000.
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SimCity Urban Renewal Kit (10 links)
SimGames/other strategy sites (27 links)
All-purpose gaming sites (10 links)
Miscellaneous (23 links)

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