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Here's a little eye and ear candy for your simming pleasure

Windows Wallpaper
The two following wallpaper bitmaps (BMPs) are for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. You'll need to use PKUNZIP--available from the Toolbox--to uncompress them for use. Bitmaps are in 640x480x256 formats.

SimCity Cloud Cover (renew_cl.zip - 205K)
    This full-screen image has a depiction of a SimCity 2000 city using custom graphics from the Renew USA and Renew 95 tilesets, with the original Windows 95 cloud screen transparently overlapping to produce a neat effect. Actual BMP looks much better than the small image shown here.

Machine Over Metropolis (renew_ma.zip - 127K)
    A depiction of the Maxis Machine flying over a SCURK-enhanced SimCity 2000 cityscape.

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