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The SimCity 2000 Knowledge Tree contains all of SC3000.COM's SimCity 2000 knowledge.

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Knowledge Tree Root (3)
FAQ information (2 articles)
Tips, tricks, & strategy (20 articles)
General tips for SimCity 2000  1/01/99
Arcologies in SimCity 2000  1/01/99
Populating arcos fast  9/19/99
Bus Depots vs. Subways  1/01/99
Military base analysis & troubleshooting  1/02/00
How to eliminate a military base that won't grow  9/19/99
Using the Magic Eraser  1/01/99
Converting files between platforms  4/09/00
How to raise land value  6/27/99
Cheering up your sims  9/19/99
Emergency management  12/26/99
Power for less  12/11/99
Stop fires  4/10/00
How to skip scenario disasters  5/14/00
How to make a fountain  5/28/00
Boost mayoral rating  5/28/00
Have a parade  9/02/00
Have a scenario city without the scenario  3/15/01
Make your own scenario  6/26/01
Contain any size fire  10/29/02
The water model (5 articles)

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Other SimCity 2000 resources

Building large cities
See the large cities section which details how a family of high-population cities were made.

SimCity 2000 in education
Check out Simulation Games in Education by Barbara Ward for ideas on how Maxis products are used as a teaching tool.

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