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Due to a lack of user demand, as well as my busy schedule, I can no longer accept SimCity 2000 cities. I apologize for this; I wish I could post every city I come across. However, I am still accepting SCURK tilesets. Please stay tuned for SimCity 3000 city uploading in the future.

Now on with rest of the page...

If you have a browser that supports HTML upload forms, uploading files is pretty easy. However, there's a few things you should know before you send away. Read on...

Step 1: read the rules


  • This site is not a file server. I unfortunately can't post every file I receive. I only pick the best or most unique files. If you simply want your file available on the 'net, visit Geocities for free Web space.
  • Before I forget to say it, please do not e-mail files as attachments unless there is no other way.


  • SimCity 2000 cities are no longer being accepted. Stay tuned for details on SimCity 3000 city submissions.
Step 2: prepare the file

Use a zip compression utility to zip your file. If you don't have a ZIP utility, stop by the toolbox. Files that are not compressed in zip format will not be accepted.

Step 3: upload the file

You must have a browser capable of file uploads. If you do not see a "browse" button below, your browser does not support file uploading. I recommend Netscape 3.0 or later or Internet Explorer 3.02 or later. Without a browser capable of file uploading, you will not be able to submit files to this site.

Web browser upload form

Your e-mail address:
File name:
Zipped (*.zip) files only
Additional information
File type:
Creator's name:
The file may take several moments to upload after pressing the "Upload file" button. Once complete, you will be sent to a confirmation page.

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