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Large cities
Cities with high populations

Scenic cities
Attractive, pleasant, or interesting cities

Scenic cities II

Scenic cities III: made for Macintosh

Scenic cities IV

Scenic cities V - one city added 4/8/01

City kits Cities combined with special SCURK graphics

Blank maps
City maps ideal for recreating real cities or starting with high funds


SimCity 2000 conversions page
For information on converting Mac and PC city files.

City building tips, info, and facts

Top ten largest 140-arcology cities

Submitting files to this site

Blank maps

These cities provide bare landscapes just waiting to be developed. For cities with high starting funds, you must load them directly into the simulator and not into the terrain editor if you wish to keep the funds.

City kits

These files contain both cities and SCURK graphics to accompany them. What results is a more personalized city. For example, if you load New York City with its respective tileset, you'll actually see the Statue of Liberty and World Trade Center where they're supposed to be.

Special note: the tilesets in the following files are for Windows users only (with the exception of Sanfrancisco). DOS users can still load all the cities. Windows users can easily load the tilesets from within SimCity 2000 using either the startup screen or the file menu.

    A whole new tileset brings this Vienna-like city to life. A very unique city with great graphics. Contributed by Benjamin S. Kim.
    Download amarneck.zip (235K)

    Give your sims a place to sunbathe and build sand castles. With the tileset, you can finally see white sand in SimCity 2000! Contributed by Hisss.
    Download beach.zip (299K)

    Daytona Beach
    A nice collection of tall buildings make this city look quite attractive. Not sure if it's a replica of the real daytona beach or not, but it's still pretty cool. Unknown contributor.
    Download daytona.zip (361K)

    Fictitious democratic city in SE Cuba. Highways, wide boulevards, tourist attractions, and plentiful trees and water make this a neat city to visit. And the tileset adds a personal flavor. Contributed by Charlie Stevens.
    Download dechado.zip (324K)

    This is as close to visiting Duluth, MN, as you will get outside of being there physically. The tileset adds a truly Duluth flavor. Contributed by John Wolhaupter.
    Download duluth.zip (93K)

    New Palanthus
    This city, along with it's unique blend of SCURK graphics, provides for a pleasant looking place to live. Contributed by Chris Jones.
    Download newpalan.zip (192K)

    New York
    The Big Apple comes to your computer screen with several real buildings from New York, including the Woolworth building, Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty. So realistic you can smell the smog. Contributed by mce1123@montereybay.com.
    Download newyork.zip (145K)

    San Franciso
    The bay city comes to life in SimCity 2000, complete with the Transamerica Pyramid, numerous specialized buildings, and an authentic layout. Contributed by Francisca Akhidenor.
    Download sanfran.zip (83K)

    St. Armond
    The city starts with towering skyscrapers clustered in a central business district, and then sprawls out into subdivisions and office parks. This gives it the realism and variety of an actual metropolis. The tileset changes the trees to fall colors, and has a few new and altered buldings as well. Contributed by Jeff Zavadil.
    Download armond.zip (303K)

    This city is actually a huge stadium! Complete with bleachers, foul poles, bases, and flags when used with the tileset. Truly amazing. Contributed by Tim Ericson.
    Download stadium.zip (30K)

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