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Chicago Tileset... (animated)

Soldier Field, the Wrigley Building, Marina City, and many other well-known (and not so well-known) buildings accompany the first volume. Use the resources below to browse, learn about, and download this tileset.

Info and background
Pointers and notes on the new Chicago tileset.

The Chicago Gallery
Browse the entire Chicago tileset with the ability to quickly zoom in on any building.

The making of Soldier Field and Lake Point Tower
Animations show the process of creating two of the buildings in the new set.

Download Chicago Tileset Volumes I & II
Select the version that works best for you and click "get".

Chicago: the city

An authentic "Sim" version of Chicago. The city contains several signs to mark off the points of interest, and when used with the Chicago tileset (see below), buildings will appear in their proper locations.

If you have the Chicago SCURK tileset, make sure to download the correct version of the city. Each version is specifically designed to work with its corresponding tileset.

Notes on The Chicago Tileset

In addition to the information below, the text file that comes with each archive further explains how to use the graphics.

General info
Volume 2 of the Chicago set adds several famous buildings found in Chicago. For your convenience, buildings from volume 2 are integrated in the same tileset as volume 1, so you don't have to worry about any buildings conflicting.

Image format notes
It is recommended that users download the set in tileset format, but for users who prefer to load graphics in image format, GIF and PCX files are offered. DOS users should download the PCX version and Windows and Mac users should download the GIF version. The GIF versions have been given a palette that is compatible with SCURK for Windows, making the background automatically transparent without scrambling the colors. For more on color palettes and SCURK, click here.

DOS users
The DOS version varies greatly from all other versions in that the tallest buildings are placed in the 4x4 Arcology and Llama Dome tilebases. Because of this, DOS users will see more landscaping at the base of the building (which sort of adds a more scenic look).

Windows users (3.1 and 95)
The Windows version is created specifically for Windows, taking advantage of its added options and flexibility. For one, the towers are placed in commercial 3x3 tilebases, allowing the larger 4x4 tilebases to be used for other large buildings. In addition, each tilebase is given the appropriate name for its building. For example, when you click the query tool on the Sears Tower in the game, it will be called "Sears Tower" and not "Office tower".

Macintosh users
Volume 1 of the Macintosh version is available now. Volume 2 is currently only available in DOS and Windows tilesets, although Mac users are encouraged to download the GIF files which can be imported into SCURK (one at a time, unfortunately). A native Mac tileset will hopefully be offered soon. Special thanks go to Joe Sartelle for doing the conversions on volume 1.

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