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What cities will you build?

Here's what mayors had to say when asked which cities they would build once they got their hands on SimCity 3000. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

"I plan on building my hometown of Boulder, Colorado in its entirety. Using SimCity 3000's 'unique zoning,' I will rebuild the city as closely as possible, to see if my hometown makes it in SimCity 3000's simulation. It's a kind of test on how well Maxis' programmers and software designers have done. ;)

I will reconstruct the Flatirons as closely as possible. The Flatirons are several extremely large rocks, which are to the west of the city, and mark the beginning of the Rocky Mountains. I will build CU's stadium, and several other city landmarks. I may, later on, render the buildings in a 3D Modeler, or in the BAT, and add them to the game.

That's what I'm gonna do."

-Adam Steinbaugh

"I want to build a city with lots of open spaces. My house will be on an island, surrounded with trees and close to a university. I want to have the cleverest sims ever, so I will build lots of schools and libraries and museums, and whatever else sc3000 will provide. But most of all, I want sc3000 and I want it NOW!"

-Marie Rose Hajnal

"I love to create small towns, and then watch them grow.� My first city will be Sterling after my home town in Colorado.� I will place some mountains around the South Platte River, have some sand hills, and with the new farms you can have, I will place them in the Platte valley.� I very rarely use dense zones, so it will be nice to have a medium option to use."

-Lee Moll

"I plan to be a very non-compasionate dictator-like Mayor, in my first Sim City 3000 city.

I like the new Garbage dump factor and perhaps I'll raise money from other cities by allowing 3 or 4 big garbage dumps to reside within dense populated areas of my city.� I am hoping to be a big slum lord on the side. I will have a stadium, so I can create a "legalized-mob" and create gambling on a scale that will make Las Vegas look tame.� Where will my Mansion be?� It'll be on the farthest outskirts of the city surrounded by mountains and forests near a large lake, this area will all be off-limits to the peasants, er citizens that live in this city named....Sasharillaville (after my dog).

Do you suppose this is why in SC2000 I often get "forced" out of office by the national guard due to bungling mismanagement of funds?

Anyways, that will be my first city."

-Bob Condon

"I feel that with the dawn of a new game, I should be creating an entirely new city. With SimCity 2000, I was able to create a semi-thriving metropolis: 'semi' in the sense that, with the limitations of the 2K game, my city didn't come to 'life'. I didn't feel as if this was a real city, with real people. Hopefully, SimCity 3000, with the little cars and people, as well as the added depth and detail, will allow me to create the city of my dreams.

Thus, I'll be creating what I feel is the perfect city: a city of neighborhoods, of busy streets. I'll never create a real-life city, such as London or New York, because I'd be restricted to what has already been built. I'd much rather explore on my own, see what my imagination can do. Perhaps I'll create a city that resembles London, but I'll never build a model of London. In essence, it gets too boring. Why do I have to put Oxford Street here, when I'd much rather put it there?

I'm rambling; maybe I ought to discuss my actual plans for my city.

Chances are, my city will be called "Centropolis". I don't know why, but it just sounds powerful and dominant. My 2K cities had pretty obscure names, such as Portsmouth or Hampton Sussex, and I feel I should be creating cities that are the top of the heap. � What I plan for Centropolis is that of an older, more sophisticated city, not unlike Boston, London and New York. The kind of city with narrow, neighborhood-friendly streets instead of freeways, the kind of city with gardens and museums and giant, leafy parks. I plan Centropolis to be a great city of academia, finance and culture.

Let's just hope SimCity 3000 is complex enough for that."

-Chris DeWolf

"I am a devoted SimCity Fan and can't wait till 3000 comes out. I plan to build every city imaginable, from the dinky towns to the Mega Metros and beyond. Ones with tons of parks and police departments and ones with sky rises and massive transportation. I would like to throw in a "crime infested" city for good measure and try to bring it back from the crime capital of the world. Throw a few disasters in and try to make a comeback is also cool. I always like to try and build my Home Town (Fountain Hills, AZ) and a "perfect City", one that I would love to live in; low taxes, low crime, lots of parks and zoos. A city like that in that movie with Stallone and Sandra Bullock, in which crime is non existent."

-Jamie Hansen

"My favorite cities to build is where the land values are high, crime and unemployment near zero, and where the sims are very happy in the city they live in. My number one priority is shared between education and crime. I like to give my simchildern a good education so I can attract the hot new tech industries (high pay jobs). I plan to keep building enough schools so the student-teacher ratio is around 17-1.

Crime would be managed with plenty of police out on the beat and lots of anti-drug/neighborhood watch types of ordinances. Low crime = higher land values = more of the green stuff.

Transportation is another area that would be fun to develop in sc3000. I'd try to go for 3 freeways, grid style roads, and a major rail/bus system like the one in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. Rail may not be the best solution for traffic but it really looks cool and is fun to build."

-Chris Pangilinan

"I would build Sacramento, Los Angeles, New York City and San fransisco."


"Myself, I like to play Sim City 2000 often. When I found out SC3000 was going to be released around winter, I was kinda mad, but I'll get over it--the more time to plan cities.

The very first thing I'll do is just sort of play around, but, the main first real city I plan to build is as follows.

It will have blocks as large as possible, like a 6X6 on SC2000. It will have all services, (water, poilice, fire dept. school ect.) It will go from one end of the map to the other. It won't have any power shortages. It will have some relations with other cities (if possible, so I've heard it is). And it will have as many other good things about it as possible."

-Jesse Riddle

"The first SimCity3000 city I build will be after my home town of Rubicon, Wisconsin. I plan to take a look at the airplane view of the town and working off of that."

-Brandon Siegmann

"I need to start by saying this was a project I have tried to do in EVERY version of Simcity.� When Simcity 2000 came out, I was sure that I could create the most interesting city ever, well, because the game would put large building everywhere, that was unsuccessful.� So what is my project?� Read on.

Urban design, my favorite thing to do.� I have wanted to design a true urban city for some time now, with a bustling downtown area, and peaceful crime free suburbs.� The downtown must include sky scrapers while the suburbs would of course be nothing but small houses and the ocassional shopping center.

Simcity 2000 would not let me do this as mentioned before.� Whenever I design cities, I want it to be realistic.� Simcity 2000 would put tall buildings everywhere, that is not how it is done in real life, and that agitated me, badly.

I am seriously hoping that Simcity 3000 will also fix another problem, transportation.� You can't have a urban area's without a massive transportation to the downtown area.� Subways, trains, etc. ��� To conclude, building a true city is my goal.� Not just one large map that is all urban, but a city that has different developments, industrial and commercial areas, and of course the huge downtown area."

-Charles Myslinsky (GiantLeap)

"I have been waiting for sc3000 for what seems like forever.� When I do get a hold of it I plan on trying to recreate the city of Ottawa. Ottawa is a beautiful city in reality, but I would like to try out some different things that I think would make ottawa more attractive to some other business sectors.� If sc3000 can improve on sc2000 then some of my ideas should be easily simulated by your software.� The interaction of nearby cities in sc3000 should be alot of fun to work with.� I really look forward to the challenge. But don't tell my wife."

-S. Potter

"When the game comes out the first city I'm going to build is Buffalo. Buffalo is a great city to build because the streets run at funny angles, there are many creeks and rivers, there's Lake Erie and Niagara Falls which is fun to build. Also in the downtown area there could be theatres built in the� built in the theatre district and you could build a replica of the Marine Midland Arena and the outstanding waterfront area."

-Phillip Lee

"Most likely I will import a city�I named Gates to the Earth. It was a metropolis in between two mountains that when the city was planned out became parks. Sims could either take the train, bus or airplane to these parks and could spend weeks at a time camping, hiking, fishing and such."

-Dark Imperial

"I believe the first thing I shall do with SC3000 is import my all-time best city, Terra Terra.� If any city could be bestowed with the title of uthopia, it has to be this one.� It is a city, seperated into two identical quadrants by a river running right down the middle of it.� It also has seven altitude levels, or terraces.� On the first level is the seaport, the last is the airport.� Some of its stats include a crime level and unemployment level of 0%, an average lot value of $225,000, high education and health levels at 120 and 81 respectively, and of course, an average mayoral rating of 95%.� There is much more to this city than just figures though.� Each level has several police stations, and a hospital, and marinas all along the banks of the river. It is also a beautiful city with parks on every block.

In SC2000, Terra Terra is a finished product.� Not much more could be done to improve on it.� In SC3000 though, there will be lots more to do and improve upon."

-Mikel Daniel

"I would start out building a small rural town with farms, small suburbs, and a lite downtown area. Maybe a train station or two and some industrial. As it progresses, I would make the town bigger by expanding commerce and industry and adding a highway. I would also enact more legislation and taxes as time progresses.

To sum it up, I would do things the way it's done in all cities across America."


"As far back as 1994 I remember having SimCity 2000.� I created a city that has had quite a history.� It has had floods, eathquakes, huge firestorms, an actual depression!, and many other things.� It has been landscaped, "arcologized", and packed to the brim with nearly 8,000,000 people and over $150,000,000 in the bank. (No cheats used.)

With the URK I remade it so it was not so "urban"� highways, rivers, and more trees were added along with my own tileset that made it look like a tropical city.� Now with SC3000 coming out I have completely remade it so that it will be ready for conversion.� I just hope the conversion feature works well because this city, this masterpiece can never be remade.� I call this masterpiece: Corsula"


"If/when I get the new program I'll run all of the scenarios and just see how bad they get, then use the "unnatural" disasters to completely destroy the rest"

-Jamie Frost

"The City on my list of "cities to build first"

Burbank, California - My home town (more like a city with a small-town atmosphere). I am very proud of this place I call home. This city is so rich in history and industry. It's full of seinor citizens and potential. It is top priority on my list of realistic cities to build. I would plan the whole city and its industries out.

Industrial/commercial mixed: Warner Bros. Studios, Disney Studios and Animation Building, NBC Studios and The Tonight Show Studio. And what is Burbank without the Lockheed-Martin Aviation factory?

Hospitals: Providence St. Joseph Med Center (the biggest and one of the only major hospitals in Burbank).

Education: Providence High School (my school!), John Burroughs High, Burbank High, St. Finbar, etc. Oh yeah, can't forget the libraries and stuff.

City services: Fire station No. 7 (near my house), and the uniquely awesome Burbank Police/Fire Headquarters. Burbank City Hall after that. And of course, the Burbank Power Station (clean natural gas, baby!).

Commerce: Media City Center (shopping mall) and the assorted shops adjacent to it. Burbank/Pasadena/Glendale Airport goes in the city also.

Residential: My house, my friends' homes, and every other one in between!

Recreation: Parks, Starlight Bowl, AMC 16 Theaters, and other community events.

Transit: Burbank Shuttles and MTA Buses. Metrolink business rail train, as well as Amtrak and Union Pacific.

And of course, I'd add a few of my own additions to the already-picturesque city. Like kick the Los Angeles MTA out and bring full Burbank Shuttle transit in. I'd love to hang 'round and type more, but I've got work to do!"

-Vasudhsiri "Torch" Sathienmars

"When I get SimCity 3000, I will first build a small city and see the new details such as seeing people, cars, the sound effects, etc.� Then I will check out the disasters by wiping the city off the map with fires, UFOs, tornados, riots, etc."

-James Johnston

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