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What do SimCity players dream about?

Here's what SimCity mayors and other SimGame players had to say when asked if they've dreamt about Maxis SimGames. Thanks to everyone who participated! Note: Some submissions have been edited for readability.

"Well, it was a while ago, so I don't remember too much of it. It was when I first got SC2000 and was playing every day for a long time, then one night I had a dream... I somehow became a sim. I was actually a little person in the game. There was a tornado tearing things apart and water flowing down the streets and earthquakes and fires like all the disasters in the game. There wasn't any monster, I think all the ones I named up there were about it... but I can't really remember the rest of the dream... it was a long time ago and it was real weird."

-Tanner E. of Nebraska

"It started off with an image of a toolbar, with beautiful, rounded buttons and cute little logos. I remember clicking on one and finding a vast array of tools and buildings. I eagerly placed something (I forget what it was; perhaps it might have been a hotel of some sort). I later ended up placing classic beach houses (the 1930-style ones you find at many big Atlantic beaches that have passed their glory days - like Revere Beach in Boston). I also placed a little brick firehall, towering office towers and little boutiques and restaurants. For some reason the whole vision of this great city was viewed as if I were a bird swooping down. Also, believe it or not, I saw little traffic jams, bustling sidewalks, crews working on streets and also street vendors (My favourite cities are the huge East Coast metropolises that are teeming with life). The next scene was, more or less, not SimCity but more of a virtual tour of a city I'd build, with traffic circles jammed with cars, elegant museums, wildlife preserves, megamansions, sailboats, and anything you'd find in a typical metropolis."

-Chris DeWolf

"Well, it wasn't really a SimCity dream, though I probably wouldn't have had it if I hadn't become so interested in SimCity games.

The dream started with me walking around in one of the buildings on campus here at the University of Mass. I turned the corner, and walked past a room that had glass walls. It was weird because I felt as though I was disrupting the class inside the room merely by walking down the hallway, since everyone could see me. (This room doesn't exist, by the way)

I stepped out the door of the building, on to a boat dock. There was a medium sized motorboat parked there, and they guy standing in it told me that they were leaving that evening, and the price was $3 to go. I didn't yet know where I was "going," but I somehow deemed that it was worth the three dollars and the potentially missed classes. I also managed to convince a couple of my friends of this, even though none of us had any idea where we were going.

We didn't arrive until it was completely dark out. I got out from the lower deck of the ship (which was much bigger now), and instantly realized where I was. Amidst many other brilliantly lit skyscrapers loomed the Bank of China.

Hong Kong... The city of my dreams.

I didn't get to see much more of the city that night, and was led to a hotel room that I believe to have been underground. The walls were all painted pale green. It almost seemed like more of a prison than a hotel. I recall that I woke up in the dream that same night, and wandered down some of the passages. I saw an area that had been designated as "off limits." I think this may have been a literal connection to anotherdream, which I won't go into. I turned back and went to bed.

The next day, I got to wander around the city. My friends decided to go back so they could make it to their classes, but I had decreed that I didn't care. This was all I needed. I've seen enough pictures of the city that I was able to construct a pretty realistic impression of the city. It was probably better than anything I could have come up with had I been conscious.

This dream may sound a bit bizarre. Actually, weird dreams are the only dreams I have, and this was one of the least bizarre..."


"It started at Maxis HQ in the SimIndustry Center. I found out that I was head of the SimAdvertizing Center for Maxis. After my work was finished, I took a walk down a "sim" alley. Then, suddenly, I saw a poster that read "Re-Elect Will Wright President for four more years!!". Then I realized I forgot to go to the SimPolling Booth (Which happens to be located at www.sc3000.com, strangely enough : ). Unfortunetly, my baby sister (in reality) woke up and I lost a dream that sure beats living in this reality."

Kenny Arnold

"I've once dreamed about a game named sim bandit. That game was played in a 3-d envirronement with specific missions. The most kills, bombs succesfully placed, terrosrism acts and holdups, will give you experience. When I got enough experience I could reach different kind of guns and other weapons and I could use other holdup strategies. That was a very cool dream..."

Louis-Charles Pilon

"In my dream, I had downloaded a demo and was playing SC3K, only it wasn't really a demo- It was the whole game! It was incredible. Then I woke up and turned my computer on wanting to play it, but it wasn't there; it was only a dream. :("


"It's nothing special really -- I just dreamed that my current-under-developement-simcity looked just like Stockholm, Sweden. And that I could zoom in close on anything and everything. The houses and streets were in perfect reality. (Maybe a dream come true in the future SC5000 or something?)"


"It was when Simcity was out - I guess you could say it was about SC3000.

I was about ten at the time; I dreamed I was playing a huge VR SimCity in the far future. It was almost exactly like real life; you flew through your city, and moved buildings and streets. The level of detail was astounding; it was like an actual city, down to sims as detailed as real people."


"I was dreaming I was walking around town when I looked up and saw me, master of all, and I watched him point an arrow at a building by me and it turned in to a house with a pool! I looked up wondrously and my face smiled at me! Then I woke up."

Troy Shaddox

"Once I had a nightmare about sc2000. In it I was in my house and then suddenly it was attacked by the monster from sc2000. But the interesting thing was that the monster was the same size as it is on my monitor. For some reason I ran from it and I couldn't stop running. Finally I got cornered and the monster jumped at me. It landed on my face. Then I woke up."

Mike From Canmore

"Yeah, I've dreamed about SimCity 3000. I dreamed that it came out this summer and not late fall, so I'd have a lot of time to play it instead of trying to fit it in between my studies during school."

Troy Johnson

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