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What is the Mayor Query Tool?

MayorsIn a nutshell, the Mayor Query Tool (MQT) is SC3000.COM's extended service to the entire SimCity 3000 community, which keeps SimCity 3000 enthusiasts up-to-date on each others' accomplishments, news, and more. If you're familiar with finger services used extensively in the Quake world, then you're already familiar with MQT.

At this time, the Major Query Tool is geared toward Web site operators and the visitors of those sites. For the Web site operator, MQT offers:

  • The ability to post your Web site announcements without having to upload a single file.
  • The ability to link to your listing from any outside source, including your Web site, in ICQ conversations, in e-mails, or anywhere you can type in a URL.
  • A link to your listing that appears next to your URL within SC3000.COM's link pages, letting users see what's up at your site or what you're planning.

For the visiting user, the Mayor Query Tool is a place to find out what's going on at the coolest SimCity Web sites or to find out just what famous SimCity mayors are up to.

The Mayor Query Tool is currently restricting applications to those having a Web site listed on SC3000.COM. However, in the future, the MQT will accept a broad range of applicants and may even offer each Mayor a spot to store their prized SimCity 3000 cities. You'll certainly want to stay tuned for all the exciting possibilities coming down the road!

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