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Name: Scott Noveck
E-mail: noveck@pluto.njcc.com
Homepage: Planet SimCity
Updated: 1/25/99
Topic: Planet SimCity - Countdown to SC3000

January 25, 1999

For those of you who don't know who I am, let me introduce myself - I'm the webmaster of Planet SimCity (http://www.planetsimcity.com), formerly the FIRST SimCity 3000 Site. Take a moment to visit, the site is updated daily and averages about 1,000 hits/day. I've been here waiting for SimCity 3000 Since Maxis released the first few hints of the game's production, way back in September 1996. Now, with only a little more than a week left to go, it's nice to see all these years of waiting finally producing something. I've been in contact with 8 Maxis employees over the years (took me a minute to count that out), and I'm afraid I know a little TOO much about the game - see if it's any challenge for me =) Anyways, more will ramblings will go here after release -- Planet Simcity site news, my current cities/BAT projects, etc. For now, just vist Planet SimCity for more.

-Scott Noveck (SMN)
 Webmaster: Planet SimCity

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