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Name: Brian McMillin
E-mail: simntwk@prodigy.net
Homepage: The Sim Network
Updated: 8/19/99
Topic: New Navigation Idea

Your Opinion Needed

Hey Everyone:

The Sim Network, has undergone minor changes since it first launched its current design on February of 1999. Now, for the fourth step, I'm looking to add a new navigation system to the Sim Network, one that will allow all pages to be accessed from all other pages...

For instance, right now, you can't access the BAT Directory from the home page, nor can you access the Sims Centre Overview from the Homepage, BAT Directory, or most of the other pages on the site. With the new upgrade, every page will be incorporated and conveniently separated by category (i.e. TheSims, City XChange, MacRoom, and SimCity).

Some prior ideas, and why I am not going to take them into consideration:

+ Add Mouseover Effect - The main reason I'm not adding the mouseover effect, is that it turns out to be alot of work to edit each page's code, and insert the preload javascript.. Which will in turn, screw up the Hitbox counter; Also, some pages use purple for the style attribute, so that would be even more of a hassle making a separate purple set of images.

+ Change the Colours - The main reason I will not be changing the colours, is as with the previous page, they blend in very nicely. Too much green would eventually clash with the blue border, and blue would be too bland..

Send your comments on the system to simnwtk@prodigy.net

Latest News

Sim Network Celebrates One Year on the Web!
http://simntwk.cjb.net - For Immediate Release

July 7th, 1999, just ten days ago, marks the official first anniversary of the Sim Network. Many of you probably had no idea the site existed a year ago, as it was poorly publicized, located on Geocities, and updates were few and far between. In December of 1998, the step was taken to totally revamp the Sim Network and launch a new design, one that incorporated news on the front page, definately following in with the trend of SimCity 3000 sites at the time. Later, in February, the Sim Network was remodeled, and what you see today was launched, minus a few touches that have been added along the way.

In celebration with the reopening, the Sims Centre has landed an interview with Maxis' Patrick Barrett, reguarding TheSims, and have started a program called, Ask Maxis, where visitors can submit their questions reguarding TheSims.

Thanks! And check it out and give me your opinions!


- Brian McMillin


The "upgraded" Sim Network was launched just yesterday, at http://simntwk.cjb.net! Be sure to check out the new MacRoom, new info, and other updates.

BAT comes out within the next 72 hours (hopefully), and the Sim Network will be expanding its City XChange to include BAT Buildings. Once released, if you have any cool creations, send 'em in!

About the Sim Network

City XChange - The City XChange, housing over 20 unique cities and four exclusive real-city terrains, is quickly becoming one of the most popular subdivisions of the Sim Network. Check back for the Mac City XChange - opening soon.

File Warehouse - From here, the place also known as the City XChange Directory, you can sort the database by file size, creator, and name of city.

Downloads - The downloads page was recently updated, and now houses links to download all five landmark packs, along with several terrains from SimCity.com and the trailer.

Overview - Be sure to check out the newly upgraded SimCity Overview, divided into four helpful sections: SimCity Help; SimCity on a Mac; About SimCity 3000; and SimCity 3000 FAQ.

News Archive - Miss a tidbit of news? Check the news archive, conveniently sorted by month.

Articles on the Web - Want a helpful, organized, and concise database of all the net articles reguarding SimCity 3000? Check here for the article name, publisher, lenghth, and grade.

The Network - Need to find some other sources for SimCity 3000 or TheSims information? Check out this comprehensive list of links.

Sims Centre - Get the latest news, information, hot links, screens, and more on the upcoming Maxis game, TheSims. Also, be sure to sign up for the newsletter.

SimCity MacRoom - This division of the site includes the latest news, info, and articles reguarding the release of SimCIty 3000 on the Mac.

Screen Shots - Check out the screen shots page for some SimCity eye candy, plus over a half-dozen screens previewing TheSims.

Older News

Well, first of all, TheSims had an excellent run at the E3 Expo! For a list of reviews, go to: Sims Centre: Articles Page; Also, if you want the latest developments delivered to your email box, then sign up for the Sims Centre/Sims: TOL Newsletter

And, lastly, there will be a couple new Real City terrains coming to the Sim Network soon!

The Sim Network has expanded to cover the upcoming Maxis game, TheSims. You can find screenshots, a helpful overview, a video, news, links and more at the new SimsCentre! Check it out and be sure to bookmark: http://thesims.cjb.net

The Sim Network has launched its BETA/Preview version of Sims Centre online. Be sure to check it out and give me your comments. The official URL will be: http://thesims.cjb.net"!

The Sim Network has just been accepted into the SimElite Club, the only Maxis-endorsed database of sites. Stay tuned for more details.

The Sim Network is proud to present new, (almost) exclusive - lucb.com has them - real-city terrains. Jack Heraty was kind enough to send in four real-city terrains to add to the site:

Libson, Portugal
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Capetown, South Africa
Copenhagen, Denmark

Goto The Sim Network!

The Sim Network is proud to present SimCity fans with the largest city directory on the web (excluding lucb.com) - Be sure to check it out! Right now we have 13 cities, but still need more! Be sure to send them this way!

Now that the City XChange is a go, we are accepting cities.. Because we have a limit of space on the server, we are only accepting up to three cities per person! Be sure to check out our current directory, and if you have any, let me know!

The Sim Network has launched the brand new design... The bland black and yellow look will be scraped and a new look will be implimented! The new design will feature the City XChange, an interactive feature where visitors can download, search, and browse an online directory of cities; The File Warehouse, a searchable database of cities and BAT Buildings; The Network, a comprehensive links page with ratings, reviews, and more...

Check it Out

Have any concerns, comments or suggestions? ICQ Me: #22107803

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