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Name/alias Topic or excerpt Updated
Ahmed, Yosef Yup, I'll try to get some links up at my site in the following da... 10/13/99
Behrendt, Tom SCURK as ART continues chugging along. My "definitive" Manhattan ... 1/25/99
Space-Ghost Winterface.com is coming so prepare your modem for the most fanta... 9/22/99
de Cabrera, Agustin [ no data ] 12/4/00
de Jager, Dik [ no data ] 9/15/03
Ellison, Adrian (Peshi) SimArchitect is currently being re-built after our downtime. It i... 11/18/01
Everitt, Michael April 1st, 2001 - Grand Opening!!!!New Domain Name! che... 4/1/01
Freeman, Les Hi! SCURK is experiencing a current revival during the last c... 5/6/99
Jonathan Gauna The SimCity Metroplex is growing and is up to 3 staff members! Ca... 8/18/02
Zeve Hello! My MoreToDo3K site is now open for veiwing if you havent h... 4/14/99
Jan Gerling Hello, I just wanted to inform everyone that the Maxis Info Ce... 9/16/99
Graessle, Robert Downtown SimCity 3000 has been closed. 3/15/00
Rand Huck The new address for Inside Maxis is http://www.maxisoutpost.com, ... 3/4/01
Kyle D.J. Been away a long time, here's the story. My site, Control Tow... 12/24/06
Lee, Alex SimKingdom.com News- After a period of little website progress, ... 8/23/99
Lm77 You may (or may not) have been wondering where SimPortal has been... 3/20/99
McMillin, Brian Your Opinion Needed Hey Everyone: The Sim Network, has unde... 8/19/99
Steve The SimCity HeadQuarters -- www.simcityhq.com -- has been split u... 11/28/99
Naughton, Peter Hey everyone! Thanks for reading this. I am updating this the n... 5/12/01
Noveck, Scott January 25, 1999 For those of you who don't know who I a... 1/25/99
SAC Things at SIM Gothia will be at a slow the coming weeks due to su... 6/25/01
Siegmann, Brandon simcity3k.com has interviewed Maxis' founder Will Wright. This i... 3/21/99
A_Streetman NEW SITE (TheSims Domain).... TheSims domain promises to be a fo... 4/22/99
Taylor, Robert None 6/25/00
Veldhuis, Douwe Presenting cutting-edge effects and techniques with easy to follo... 8/12/02
Wilson, Jason SimGaming.net is home to coverage of SimCity 3000, SimCity 4000, ... 2/15/01
UBC_Wiskatos Sim Heaven has opened! It features live chats with Will Wright, K... 12/11/99

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