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Rotating landfills #1421
Updated: 1/14/07 OS/platforms(s): All Versions: All

Contributor/author(s): Phil M (edited by Kyle D.J.)

My cities usually import garbage. In later stages of the game I have a dedicated corner of the map for my landfills, recycling, etc. (I decommission as my city expands). The military base, prison, and industries are generally in this area also.

I build 3 separate landfills, 8 spaces away from the access road, and 8 spaces between each other. The spacing ensures the landfills are not connected to each other or to the road.

I then run a road to one of the landfills so that it is the only one connected. Once it's filled with garbage, I bulldoze the road to decommission the first landfill, and build a new road to the second landfill. Once the second landfill is filled, I bulldoze that road and build a new one to the third landfill. By the time I am filling the 3rd landfill, the first one is empty again (the garbage has decomposed), and the cycle starts over.

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