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Tips on realistic cities #1378
Updated: 1/14/07 OS/platforms(s): All Versions: All

Contributor/author(s): W.C. MacFhlannchaidh

Do you want functioning cities that look more realistic? Try these tips:

1. Don't lay out your city in perfect little 8X8 squares, with parks dividing them. Cities don't use that method, plus it cuts down on costs.

2. Occasionally leave a few blocks empty, dedicated to parks only. It looks more real and land value skyrockets.

3. Palm trees are okay, but nice oak trees look much nicer and cover more. If you want oaks, have the terrain set above 65 meters (213.25 feet). (Editor's note: In SimCity 3000 Unlimited, this will depend upon the tree type you have selected in the city options.)

4. Put some industrial zones (preferably clean industry) scattered throughout your city. It looks more like a real city, plus Sims commute less.

5. Cover hills and slopes with trees.

6. Make some avenues (double roads). They look nice and cities all around have avenues. Highways also make your city look real. Put trees beside them as it looks nice and cuts down on pollution.

7. Cities often have a main city centre, which is very easy to build in SimCity. If there are any islands on your map, make them parks and make them accessible.

8. Finally, don't put all of your schools, libraries, colleges, hospitals, etc., in blobs in one sector of your city. Many cities aren't like that—spread them evenly.

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