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Aesthetics of a major university #0874
Updated: 1/27/02 OS/platforms(s): All Versions: All

Contributor/author(s): Keith David Reeves

I've read quite a few aesthetics articles on the use of the University as a major focal point for the visual appeal of your city. I couldn't agree more. For those city planners who like the multiple levels of having an area of their city that's something other than towering skyscrapers, the University can serve as a broad, low-height area of high eye candy quotient.

And it can be done without a single cheat.

Most people have realized that adding or one two additional University tiles using the Access All Buildings ("Plop") cheat can really add to the campus as a whole. But if you note the architectural style of the University as it is, you'll note than many of the structures fit right in, especially those that are surrounded by manicured lawn. Adler Planeterium isn't the only one, either. Try Shedd Aquarium, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Jefferson Monument, and so on. My two favorites are Notre Dame and Westminster Abbey. Add a Big Ben and some trees and Harvard, eat your heart out.

Experiment with these and other downloaded buildings. A terrific academic center can be the next big addition to your metropolitan landscape.

Probably the biggest benefit to this concept is that you get to use these terrific landmarks designed by the Maxis Masters, but you can use them in one concentrated area and not waste your time spreading them around your city where their low YIMBY (the opposite of NIMBY, "Not In My BackYard") factor eats up space better used for museums and sports parks.

Good luck, designers.

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