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SimCity 3000 Unlimited vs. SimCity 3000 #0703
Updated: 4/8/01 OS/platforms(s): All Versions: All

Contributor/author(s): Wren Weburg

SimCity 3000 Unlimited is a new version of SimCity 3000. Sold as a stand-alone game (not an an add-on), SimCity 3000 Unlimited (also known as SimCity 3000 World Edition) adds new depth and features to the game while preserving full backwards-compatibility with SimCity 3000.

New features in SimCity 3000 Unlimited

Localization settings are chosen when a new city is started and are saved with each city. However, these settings can be changed on the fly and at any time.

New terrain, trees, and terrain editor. Similar to SimCity 2000's terrain editor, you can now modify your terrain before building your city. The common lower terrain, raise terrain, and level terrain tools are available. The game also provides a total of four new terrain types in addition to the original: snow, desert, lush jungle, and red rock. New trees also add new terrain variation: jungle trees, desert vegetation (cactus, etc), redwoods, and more.

100's of new buildings in the available Asian & European building sets. These buildings give your city a whole new look.

Four new disasters offer new challenges: plague of locusts, burning debris from space, heinous toxic clouds, or a giant whirlpool. Fight locusts with the new crop duster tool.

Scenarios. Chose from 13 of them, ranging from easy to difficult. You may have to knock down the Berlin Wall or ward off a plague of locusts. There are also tutorial scenarios to help you learn the game.

Scenario creator. Create your own scenarios or use one of the pre-made templates to script your own city tour.

Building Architect Plus lets you to create your own buildings with new options: use new building props and details with your buildings. Plus, there are more building block slopes to play with. In addition, the game now features real-time building replacement that lets you replace buildings in your city without having to leave the game. You can also query and replace individual buildings.

Compatibility in detail

Cities, terrains, starter towns can be exchanged between the two games in either direction, but new buildings, landmarks, and scenarios from Unlimited can only be loaded with SimCity 3000 Unlimited. In addition, the SC3URK (SimCity 3000 Unlimited Rendering Kit) only works with Unlimited.

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