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How to get rid of landfills #0370
Updated: 12/5/99 OS/platforms(s): All Versions: All

Contributor/author(s): Jim Dutcher

Have you ever built a landfill early on in your city and discovered that you really didn't choose a good spot for it?

The First thing you need to do pause your city and find a good far-away place to put your new landfill (make sure you have good road access to it). Then demolish all roads, highways, and railroads within about seven blocks from your old landfill.

Now raise the elevation around all the borders of the landfill. Finally cover your elevated barrier with lots of trees.

After about a month or so when you query the landfill it should say decommissioned on it. After a long time all the trash in the landfill will decompose and you can de-zone the land and use for other zones.

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