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The beauty of trees #0159
Updated: 4/13/99 OS/platforms(s): All Versions: All

Contributor/author(s): Zack Goehner

Trees can do a lot for a little. They're cheap, clean, nice looking, and do a heck of a lot for your city. There's more to trees than just lowering pollution and increasing land values. Sims love them. Wherever there's an unbuildable spot in your city, on hills, for example, fill it up with trees. Not only does it beautify the city from the Sims' eyes, but it also makes the city look better from your side of the screen. Trees also provide a major boost for Aura. The sims will be so happy that they'll give you parades regularly. When you zone waste disposal land, fill the entire zone with trees. They'll slowly be covered by garbage, but for the time they aren't, it'll make the land a lot more attractive for you and your sims. Place them everywhere, start your city on a map with the tree bar all the way to the top. You'll thank me later.

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