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Overcoming growth obstacles #0058
Updated: 1/30/99 OS/platforms(s): All Versions: All

Contributor/author(s): Wren Weburg

While you are happily building your city, you may notice from time to time that your city stops growing for whatever reason. Zones become abandoned and won't grow, the demand indicator shows no demand for any zone, and you may be loosing money. Before bashing your head against the wall, try the following:

  • Meet with your advisors and petitioners and see what the current issues are. Sometimes the issues will mount up and the sims will be just plain angry until you take action upon them. Enacting proposed ordinances, provided that your advisor agrees with their impact on your city, may move things along.
  • Be sure you city is fully watered. Zones won't grow dense unless they are supplied with water. Open the map and view your water table. Lay pipes to cover the unwatered zones. Check them for broken links. And if needed, add more pumps and/or water towers to keep up with the demand for water. As an alternative, you can connect your water pipes to a neighbor and wait until they offer you water. Just run your pipes up to the edge of the map to build a connection.
  • If you see garbage in your streets, you'll certainly want to clean it up. Do this by zoning landfills, building incinerators (preferably far from your sims), recycling centers, and perhaps exporting garbage to your neighbors, if you have links to them.
  • If your population won't grow, check the news ticker and see what the sims are asking for. Sometimes your city won't grow if you've hit a population cap. These caps can be overcome by building exactly what the sims are asking for, whether it be a park, an airport, more hospitals, etc.

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