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Welcome to Knowledge Neighborhood, the best place to get the latest game information, gameplay strategies, and tips for SimCity 3000.

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Knowledge Tree Root (9)
General information (6 articles)
Intro to the Knowledge Tree  3/24/01
SimCity 3000 Unlimited vs. SimCity 3000  4/08/01
Release date/availability  4/08/01
System and OS requirements & compatibility  1/06/02
SimCity 3000 Guide @ SimCity.com  11/14/00
Uncompressing tar.gz files (Windows)  3/21/99
Getting started (9 articles)
Overcoming growth obstacles  1/30/99
Making money in the beginning  2/20/00
Big, well-planned cities--fast  4/10/00
Several tips to start and keep a big, successful city  8/09/99
Tips for the beginning Building Architecter  12/03/00
It pays to start your city away from the map centre  8/17/01
Simple cities for a beginner  8/17/01
Financial tips for beginners  5/10/03
Build large high-value cities quickly without cheating  7/10/03
Reference (23 articles)
Rewards and opportunities list  7/27/00
Business deals list  5/18/99
Landmarks list  2/06/00
Dimensions of all buildings  3/21/99
RCI building density table  10/03/99
RCI building density table (detailed)  10/24/99
Land value vs. density tables  10/24/99
Buildings inspired from landmarks  1/01/01
Buildings named after people at Maxis  12/30/00
Details on zone density and development  6/12/99
Meaning of SimCity Castle stats  10/24/99
SimCity 3000 HotKeys  7/30/00
SimCity 3000 Unlimited Hotkeys  11/19/00
What is a mile?  7/30/00
Holiday & seasonal items in Unlimited  7/30/00
Water system  9/22/02
Traffic and transportation specifics  10/29/02
Aura specifics  10/29/02
Crime and punishment specifics  10/29/02
Activities on the streets  11/24/02
Pollution specifics  1/14/07
The economy  4/27/03
Land value specifics  4/27/03
Strategy (7)
Tips, tricks, advice...
Theories (6 articles)
Articles based on theories
Zoning and RCI (5)
City layout and zone demand
Politics (9 articles)
Making social and other decisions
Finance (12 articles)
Managing and increasing your budget
Land value and aesthetics (21 articles)
Improving and interpreting
Transportation (10)
Planning, tricks, techniques
Technical information (3)
Terrain importation, editing, & generation (17 articles)
City services (5)
Providing for your city's needs
Issues (12 articles)
Problems and how to deal with them
Special creations (33 articles)
Build advanced structures and buildings with creativity
Miscellaneous (11 articles)

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