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SimCity History: SimCity Classic

Original SimCity Classic boxIt started with Will Wright's fascination with models. Will found that he enjoyed building things more than he did destroying them. So in 1985, he began work on SimCity. It was released in 1989, being the first computer game simulation to accurately model a city and its inner workings. Using the software, players could build their own utopias of bustling megalopolises or quaint little towns. The game provided intricate detail at the time: a realistic traffic model which featured roads and rail, a zoning system made up of residential, commercial, and industrial zones, and a complex simulator that made it all run together. Players could place airports, seaports, police stations, fire stations, parks, power plants, and stadiums to suit the needs of their citizens. Added scenarios challenged the user when merely building new cities became second nature.

Screen shotBuilding on the success of SimCity, Maxis followed up with subsequent add-on packages, including a terrain editor, additional scenarios, and graphical expansion packs.

SimCity is now part of Computer Gaming World's hall of fame as a pioneering achievement in the industry. In addition, Interplay has since released a multimedia CD-ROM version of the program, with added video and voice that allowed players to see their city's disasters and watch news reports.

SimCity Classic quick facts
Objects: ~66
Transit options: 2
Zone types: 3


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