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Visit City Center to browse SimCity 3000 cities, terrains, and starter towns!

City Center goes historical
The City Center is now read-only. Please see the related article for more information, plus alternative places to upload to.

Game screenshots
A picture is worth a thousand words. But please, don't drool on them.

The Building Architect Tool patch adds the BAT building program and updates the original SimCity 3000 from v1.0 to 1.1. Do not download if you have SimCity 3000 Unlimited.
Go to download options for BAT at simcity3000unlimited.ea.com.

 3rd-party files 
CyberWyre Terrain Editor Web Site - for the excellent CyberWyre SimCity 3000 terrain editor.
Download the SimCity 3000 Unlimited Fractal Terrain Generator by Roger W. Dunn, which Lets you view an overhead image that represents SimCity 3000 terrain you can import into the game. Note: see terrain articles in the Knowledge Neighborhood for info on importing the files into SimCity 3000.
Download SC3K_TerrGen.zip (284K)
Jay Sheridan wrote a fractal terrain generator, available at the Fractal Landscapes for SimCity site.

 Sample simcity.com files 
Download the Building Architect Tool from Maxis' simcity.com. The BAT patch updates SimCity 3000 for Windows to version 1.1.
Transamerica - sharp!Landmark Paks are great ways to spruce up your cities, adding well-known landmarks from around the world to your game. Check them all out at simcity3000unlimited.ea.com! Note: the Transamerica Pyramid depicted here is no longer available due to legal issues.
This list is only a sample. For more official Maxis files, see simcity3000unlimited.ea.com. After all, that's where these files came from!

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