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Please see the following points if you're having problems downloading or opening files:

Weird characters appear on the screen when I try to download a file.

This is common with AOL users, and is caused by your browser. Please make sure you are using AOL 4.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or better. Enter keyword "browser" or keyword "upgrade" to start the update process.

I can't find the file I downloaded.

Whenever downloading a file, please make sure you elect to save the file to disk when your browser asks you. Try to save it in a download directory that you'll remember later.

The file will not download at all. I get nothing when I click the download link.

Please make sure you're using an up-to-date browser such as the latest version of Netscape or Internet Explorer.

I can't open the file. It downloaded, but now what?

SC3000.COM uses a standard file compression format known as "zip". Please make sure you have a program that will unzip these files. For Windows 95/98/NT, please visit www.winzip.com and download WinZip. Install the program, and you should then be able to uncompress the files from the zip file by right-clicking the zip files from Windows Explorer. For Macintosh, you can download ZipIt (zip-it-135.hqx - 358KB) and install that, visit sites like Aladdin Systems for the popular StuffIt program, or visit www.shareware.com (search for "zip") to locate the desired program for extracting zip files on your Mac.

Important: SC3000.COM can't provide extended support for working with zip files or configuring your browser for downloading. Please contact the creator of the software you have questions about if the above points do not help you solve your problem. Most ISP and software sites have technical support and troubleshooting areas you can access to solve most of your problems.

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