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Villa Romana
by Jessica

Diverse skyline, realistic, with room to grow! All on a nice penninsula.
Download City (558KB)
Downloads: 3854, uploaded 4/7/02
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)

Vanuatu City
by Phillip M

Taking cue to the latest knowledge tree article on archipelagos, Mayor Phillip decided to make one of his own. Interesting use of underground tunnels to get to the small islands, too!
Download City (365KB)
Downloads: 3697, uploaded 4/5/02
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)

by Devin Kearns

Killarney was originally roughly based on the Irish city of the same name. It's quite a different place now, but no less beautiful than its real-life counterpart.
Download City (515KB)
Downloads: 2169, uploaded 3/29/02
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)

Michaelville, MH
by Lynn O' Mallary

Claimed to be created by the real mayor of the real city of Michaelsville in the Marshall Islands, there's room to grow and expand this city.
Download City (473KB)
Downloads: 2564, uploaded 3/24/02
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)

by Sirus

Nestled in the hills, Advention boasts secluded townlets, river access, beauty, and even a very realistic airport to get you there.
Download City (483KB)
Downloads: 5581, uploaded 3/10/02
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)

< Newer 5 cities | Cities 6 - 10 of 85 | Older 5 cities >

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