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by Bill Smith

City of Champions, Capital of Alberta, and the northernmost city in North America. Made to perfection by an Edmontonian.
Download City (599KB)
Downloads: 11410, uploaded 5/18/02
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)

Quigley Bay
by NoSlum

A charming medium-sized city with tree-lined streets and large parklands. Very cozy and serene!
Download City (435KB)
Downloads: 8007, uploaded 5/18/02
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)

New Tahoe
by Nick

Similar to the real Lake Tahoe on the California/Nevada border, but this is New Tahoe, and it's quite the place to live! At least for your Sims.
Download City (447KB)
Downloads: 4469, uploaded 4/30/02
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)

Nusa Lankura
by Phineous Quidd

A diverse bustling city that doesn't overtake its green spaces and hilly places.
Download City (555KB)
Downloads: 5800, uploaded 4/26/02
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)

by Anthony Kassoulides

Originally a quaint village, today Juukenburg is battling smog, finding cures for diseases, and entertaining the hundreds of thousands of tourists that visit every year.
Download City (514KB)
Downloads: 4685, uploaded 4/20/02
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)

< Newer 5 cities | Cities 1 - 5 of 85 | Older 5 cities >

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