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Starter town listing by downloads

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Happy_IlMore detail

Mayor: Maxis
Download Starter town (82KB)
Downloads: 3130, uploaded 11/24/01
Grid size: 128x128 (Small)
Description: Converted by AndromedaRoach - this is the original "HAPPY_IL" city from SimCity Classic. I suppose that means "Happy, Ill.", but I left it this way. As always, you'll have to add the water and garbage...(more)

Taiwan, ROC (real world based)More detail

Mayor: FreeChina
Download Starter town (271KB)
Downloads: 3014, uploaded 1/26/00
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: This is a map of Taiwan condensed into a 256 by 256 grid. Basic rail routes and roads have already been laid out.

Futere cityMore detail

Mayor: Dennis Windhouwer
Download Starter town (298KB)
Downloads: 3004, uploaded 11/11/00
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: This is a city with many roads and highways. It really has everything.

SC3000.COMMore detail

Mayor: AndromedaRoach
Download Starter town (140KB)
Downloads: 2960, uploaded 5/24/01
Grid size: 192x192 (Medium)
Description: From AndromedaRoach- This is the starter town version of my SC3000.COM terrain. This town has way too many educational facilities. It does, however, have tons of unused landfills, coal power plants, a...(more)

Bay ViewMore detail

Mayor: McKenzie Kane
Download Starter town (146KB)
Downloads: 2936, uploaded 12/19/99
Grid size: 192x192 (Medium)
Description: This is a city built by the bay. It is in need of major work. With lots of farms, this may be only for the best SimCity3000 builders. You need to get the city growing. The location is great lots of wa...(more)

Rock-TownMore detail

Mayor: Timmie Smet
Download Starter town (71KB)
Downloads: 2715, uploaded 8/17/01
Grid size: 192x192 (Medium)
Description: This is a starter town with many roads and important buildings. If you start, the crime level will be low and the health level and education level will be high. It's better to start in the year 2000. ...(more)

Coimbra (real world based)More detail

Mayor: Luis
Download Starter town (258KB)
Downloads: 2615, uploaded 4/1/02
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: This a real terrain of the city of Coimbra,Portugal, extrated from a satellite digital terrain model of the region and using a GIS. The total surface covers around 64 square Km, with 13x13 meters til...(more)

Mega-IslandsMore detail

Mayor: Timmie Smet
Download Starter town (123KB)
Downloads: 2569, uploaded 8/23/01
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: When you have islands, that are far from eachother, its hard to make roads, water pipes, etc. The little islands are connected to eachother with a highway. They all have water and electricity.

HeavenMore detail

Mayor: Jewel Kilcher
Download Starter town (233KB)
Downloads: 2509, uploaded 6/25/00
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: This city should give you about 15K sims without doing anything. You will need to build an airport when you get the chance. The city should gross about $2k after 3 yrs or so. Have fun and customize...(more)

Palm SpringsMore detail

Mayor: Aaron
Download Starter town (226KB)
Downloads: 2506, uploaded 1/30/00
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: Thanks for downloading this starter city. This city doesn't have buildings or anything yet, but the power and water are set up. All you have to do is build. Just take a look at the underground view by...(more)

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