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Amsterdam, Netherlands (real world based)More detail

Mayor: Rembrandt van rijn
Download Terrain (210KB)
Downloads: 10845, uploaded 7/3/00
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: A city begging for an SC3000 terrain, Amsterdam. Includes the area around the central Station, the Dam and the major canals.

The World (real world based)More detail

Mayor: Luke
Download Terrain (207KB)
Downloads: 8071, uploaded 9/9/99
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: Similar to "The World Populated" but does not have any development.

The Super CityMore detail

Mayor: Benjamin Vargo
Download Terrain (191KB)
Downloads: 6797, uploaded 3/11/01
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: I created this terrian because I have heard some people complaining about money problems. It is perfectly flat and comes with 500 Million Dollars. You can modify the terrian to your liking.

Coastal MountainsMore detail

Mayor: Albatros
Download Terrain (299KB)
Downloads: 5928, uploaded 9/12/00
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: Mountains along a seashore.

Stockholm (real world based)More detail

Mayor: Per Allner
Download Terrain (286KB)
Downloads: 5917, uploaded 6/30/00
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: This terrain file is a very accurate copy of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Much time has been spent on making the coastline and elevation as realistic as possible. The terrain includes the inner c...(more)

Christchurch (real world based)More detail

Mayor: Chris
Download Terrain (210KB)
Downloads: 5786, uploaded 8/20/99
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: This terrain is a model of my home town "Christchurch New Zealand."

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (real world based)More detail

Mayor: Cerqueira
Download Terrain (204KB)
Downloads: 5549, uploaded 7/8/00
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: This is a terrain of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, including the beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema, Botafogo and Leblon. Also includes Sugar Loaf and Corcovado.

Crestview BayMore detail

Mayor: Albatros
Download Terrain (272KB)
Downloads: 5408, uploaded 9/14/00
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: Lots of water. Good terrain with mountains and hills. Includes bridges, tunnels, some water pipes and power accross water.

Caracas (real world based)More detail

Mayor: Guillermo
Download Terrain (226KB)
Downloads: 5110, uploaded 5/7/02
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: Caracas, Venezuela. A landcape of the "Avila" mountain and the "Guaire" valley, also named "The Valley".

Honolulu (real world based)More detail

Mayor: Tony Velasquez
Download Terrain (263KB)
Downloads: 4656, uploaded 10/4/99
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: Aloha! Here is a map of Pearl Harbor and the Honolulu area on the island of Oahu. I had to piece together two DEM files to make this one as the USGS info splits Oahu right down the middle. However, t...(more)

< Prev 10 Terrain files 1 - 10 of 299
Sort: [ A-Z / Least to greatest | Z-A / Greatest to least ]
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