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Starter town listing by mayor name

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Palm SpringsMore detail

Mayor: Aaron
Download Starter town (226KB)
Downloads: 2506, uploaded 1/30/00
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: Thanks for downloading this starter city. This city doesn't have buildings or anything yet, but the power and water are set up. All you have to do is build. Just take a look at the underground view by...(more)

Minicus CiticusMore detail

Mayor: Andrew McKendry
Download Starter town (21KB)
Downloads: 1308, uploaded 3/2/00
Grid size: 64x64 (Miniature)
Description: A great starting city perfect for beginners. Low, medium and dense industrial and residential and a small commerce zone. Exactly $30,000, and with parks, police and fire stations, a hospital, school, ...(more)

SC3000.COMMore detail

Mayor: AndromedaRoach
Download Starter town (140KB)
Downloads: 2952, uploaded 5/24/01
Grid size: 192x192 (Medium)
Description: From AndromedaRoach- This is the starter town version of my SC3000.COM terrain. This town has way too many educational facilities. It does, however, have tons of unused landfills, coal power plants, a...(more)

Rainforest CityMore detail

Mayor: AndromedaRoach
Download Starter town (134KB)
Downloads: 4420, uploaded 7/8/01
Grid size: 128x128 (Small)
Description: I was working on this all day July 7, but it was worth it. There is a city underneath those trees... Turn the simulator on and the sims will hack them down for you. This was an old cheat-infested city...(more)

SC2K IconMore detail

Mayor: AndromedaRoach
Download Starter town (26KB)
Downloads: 1744, uploaded 12/5/01
Grid size: 64x64 (Miniature)
Description: I don't think anyone's ever done this before... Remember the little city map that showed up as the icon for SC2K cities? Well, I expanded it to the size of a terrain bitmap for a miniature city, made ...(more)

Sim ValleyMore detail

Mayor: Capt. Airwiz
Download Starter town (250KB)
Downloads: 4095, uploaded 6/22/00
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: This starter city is on the terrain I put in the city center's terrain center. This valley has been locked away in the mountains for millions of years, but thanks to famous sim pilot, Capt. Airwiz, th...(more)

Lisboa (real world based)More detail

Mayor: CNIG
Download Starter town (218KB)
Downloads: 2267, uploaded 8/2/00
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: ---------- PORTUGU

Ocean ViewMore detail

Mayor: Daniel Fourquet
Download Starter town (66KB)
Downloads: 2008, uploaded 3/3/01
Grid size: 128x128 (Small)
Description: This is a perfect design for the begining of a city. I start out all my cities using this design now!

City1More detail

Mayor: Danny
Download Starter town (234KB)
Downloads: 3574, uploaded 7/30/00
Grid size: 64x64 (Miniature)
Description: A very breathtaking terrain w/small starter town on it.

Toxic DumpMore detail

Mayor: Defacto
Download Starter town (21KB)
Downloads: 1222, uploaded 2/11/00
Grid size: 64x64 (Miniature)
Description: Here's a hard one for you: There's a toxic waste conversion plant in next to the lake. But the residential is near it. Good water supply, but when the toxic plant starts making water pollution, the w...(more)

< Prev 10 Starter town files 1 - 10 of 61
Sort: [ A-Z / Least to greatest | Z-A / Greatest to least ]
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