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Starter town listing by Starter town name

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West Berlioz IslandsMore detail

Mayor: Garth Clifton
Download Starter town (243KB)
Downloads: 1530, uploaded 12/20/00
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: The West Berlioz Islands are sevral small islands west of Berlioz Harbor. Berliozian Nation President Garth Clifton sent a man to colonize these Islands and make them a Berliozian State. The founder ...(more)

Urbs AeternaMore detail

Mayor: Russianmob
Download Starter town (299KB)
Downloads: 1565, uploaded 10/17/99
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: The Eternal City. Not based on Rome on any way.

Toxic DumpMore detail

Mayor: Defacto
Download Starter town (21KB)
Downloads: 1222, uploaded 2/11/00
Grid size: 64x64 (Miniature)
Description: Here's a hard one for you: There's a toxic waste conversion plant in next to the lake. But the residential is near it. Good water supply, but when the toxic plant starts making water pollution, the w...(more)

The World Populated (real world based)More detail

Mayor: Miss Smiley
Download Starter town (226KB)
Downloads: 8144, uploaded 9/3/99
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: The World Map with landmarks and Mayors Houses marking locations of major cities.

Taiwan, ROC (real world based)More detail

Mayor: FreeChina
Download Starter town (271KB)
Downloads: 3006, uploaded 1/26/00
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: This is a map of Taiwan condensed into a 256 by 256 grid. Basic rail routes and roads have already been laid out.

Steven Starter 2More detail

Mayor: Steven Bularca
Download Starter town (206KB)
Downloads: 1554, uploaded 12/3/00
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: A rather interesting Starter Town.it has 2 major rivers that cross each other. in the corner, there is an Airport, a Seaport, a landmark. and nice variations of zones. it has everything you need. a...(more)

Steven Starter 1More detail

Mayor: Steven Bularca
Download Starter town (280KB)
Downloads: 1671, uploaded 12/1/00
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: this is a neat starter town. it has good police, and fire coverage. it has one school, one jail, and one hospital. there is an airport and a seaport. a nice variation of zones are used too. this li...(more)

ST. FrancisMore detail

Mayor: Timmie Smet
Download Starter town (157KB)
Downloads: 2271, uploaded 8/17/01
Grid size: 192x192 (Medium)
Description: A city with many mountains. Perfect to ride the Tour De France! Everything has energy, water and transport. Every Part, except the highest point receives energy from Fusion plants. The highest point i...(more)

Snorlax LakeMore detail

Mayor: Mew9940
Download Starter town (207KB)
Downloads: 1775, uploaded 1/21/01
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: This is the Starter Town version of the Snorlax Terrain. This is to give you a boost if you don't want to do part of the building.

Sirian CapitolMore detail

Mayor: Robert Angier
Download Starter town (241KB)
Downloads: 2060, uploaded 5/17/01
Grid size: 256x256 (Large)
Description: Another starter town based on St. Robertia, also called Robert DC. Land Value will rise at quite a speed! Thanks to SimCity Castle.

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