by Mike Steele


Exela Exela is a large city (it takes up most of the map). Four fusion power plants power this city. Three islands off of the south shore are home to numerous recycling centers, a landfill, prisons, and water facilities. More water facilities (pipes provide water to the whole city, and are laid under the roads)and several prisons can be found on the mainland. Roads, Highways, Subways, and Buses provide plenty of ways to get around. All roads and subways lead into the neighboring towns. Exela is covered in thick trees, marinas, parks, and other ecreational things. There are plenty of education and health centers to serve everyone. The police and fire departments have a heavy prescence, leaving almost no stone unprotected. Industrial zones cover that southeast corned of the city, as well as airports, seaports, the power plants and the mainland water facilities. A dense commercial area lies in the city's heart. The west and northeast corners of the city are home to all of the Sims of Exela, and are protected from the industrial areas by buffers of commercial zones, parks, and trees. Almost all of the commercial and residential areas are at a higher elevation than the industrial zones, but the southwest coast of the city is home to low-elevation shore houses surrounded by trees, mountains, and streams.
Exela may appear to be a city you can turn on a forget about, but it isn't. Here and there you might find a tile that is not getting power, or one without water. No landmarks are placed, and no rewards have been received. I had to leave you some work, though. I left you plenty of money to do it with, so don't worry.
Exela was created using the the double grid method (see Knowledge Neighborhood- "The Benefits of Double Grids"). Cheats were used.


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