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Today is Friday, December 13
SimCity 2000 Now Abandonware

Released in 1993, SimCity 2000 is now abandonware and can be downloaded for free.
SC3000.com and SC4ever.com are now part of Simtropolis
4/28/09 - dirk

SimCity 3000Hello, visitor! Perhaps you've found your way here out of curiosity, or nostalgia, or better yet, you've just discovered or rediscovered SimCity. In any case, welcome! Simtropolis is a community dedicated to City Building games and we are pleased to have SC3000 and SC4ever as a permanent part of our community. If you're a former citizen, and you're looking for old friends, they are probably over at Wren's site. If you want to talk City Building, head over to Simtropolis. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.
SC3000.COM and SC4EVER.COM to move to Simtropolis
4/13/09 - Wren Weburg

In order for these sites to continue to operate and be properly supported, their Webmaster has decided to contribute them to Simtropolis.com in the near future. The forums will continue to be available seperately in the immediate future and these sites will be available as they have been before, only as part of a larger, more comprehensive online city building community. More details to follow in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, feel free to drop by the forums here under the Site & Community section for some further explanation.
SimCity for each laptop per child

It's good to see SimCity being included in the One Laptop per Child project, as reported by CNET News. In fact, SimCity going open source may even get children interested in programming, given that they should be able to take apart the game to see what makes it tick.
Stand up advisors of yesteryear

Over at Something Awful, you'll see a set of familiar advisors spewing out hilarious things. Well, familiar if you played SimCity 2000.
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